White Papers

White Papers have been around since the late 1980’s or so. They serve to give prospective clients the background necessary to make an informed decision about matters relating to your service or product. The paper cannot be so one-sided that it reads like a brochure. Instead, it needs to bring all aspects to be involved in the decision to light and give each its due.

There is generally an Executive Summary that gives an overview of the material for those who will read only a small amount of the paper which may run to twenty pages. There can be images, diagrams, bingo charts, testimonials, etc. as needed to fully inform the reader.

If the White Paper is to be used as a marketing material, it is customary to require an email address in return for a free copy. If the White Paper is to be used for sales, there will be a call to action.

An understanding of the industry, competitors, product or service – including nuances, and business in general, is necessary to an effective White Paper.

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