Working from Home – With Kids

WorkLife_mIt never sounds like it will be easy, but working from home with kids is something that many of us do on at least an occasional basis. Here are five tips to help it all go smoothly enough for you to get some work done:

  1. Be accessible – Have a desk or table in the room where you work. Put some art supplies on the table and let the kids know that anyone who wants to join you quietly is welcome to do so.
  2. Be firm – This is not the time to cajole. You have work to do. Make it clear that this is the priority and your kids are part of the team that’s going to make it happen. Remind them that you will check on them from time to time but don’t want to be interrupted unless there’s blood or vomit involved.  (more…)

Wednesday Wisdom: Work/Life Balance for Your Employees

Helping your employees achieve a work/life balance is not easy. Whether it’s their kids, their aging parents, their pet, or the hobby that keeps them sane, each of your employees has something they want to spend time on outside of work. When your employees feel that attaining balance in their life is part of a Zero-Sum game – one in which someone else has to lose for them to win, it can reduce even the mildest of people to a frenzied state. Before you know it, otherwise convivial workers are sniping about the fact that this one has three kids while this one has none. This one has a 90-year old father in a nursing home two states away while this one has an aging parent living in their home.