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Interpreting Financial Statements

Banking_mIt’s likely you have financial statements you never use. You may have them because your accountant requested them, a lender required them, or they were produced as part of your business plan. More likely, they are generated automatically by QuickBooks. You know these reports contain valuable information, but you’re not sure you’re making the best use of them. You can tell if you made or lost money. You can tell if you did better this month than last – or at least you think you can. Bottom Line? You’re not all that confident you know what the numbers mean.


Track the Money Flowing In and Out of Your Business

adjFinancials_mThe ability to track money flowing in and out of your business is one of the most important parts of being a success. If you don’t know how much – or how quickly – money is leaving your business, you’re at serious risk of landing in a situation where there are no funds on hand when you need them to take advantage of an opportunity or pay what is due to a vendor. If you don’t know how much – or from what source – money is coming into your business, you may be in the happy position of having plenty of cash on hand, without a clear idea of which clients owe money and how long it has been due to you. (more…)