Friday Recap: Work-Life Balance


August in the Metro DC area is not a pleasant thing. In fact, Richmond is at a higher elevation and less muggy — and they’re more than 100 miles south of us! Still – you can easily get a table at nearly any restaurant. You can get close enough to see the exhibits at the Smithsonian museums and galleries. (Maybe even get up close to the tanks at the National Aquarium.) And – you have the National Zoo and most ballparks pretty much to yourself. Couple that with the fact that nearly anyone you need to speak with is out of town – likely including any employees or subs you may have – and you have the perfect time for a work-life balance that tilts more toward life!


Friday Recap: Get More Done

Get more done. Be more productive. Sounds good, right? Some of you are wary. Some of you are waiting for the magic. Wary or not, here’s the scoop. If you want to get more done, running faster isn’t going to do it. I say this because anyone who is reading this post is most likely already running at the speed of light. If running faster isn’t going to do it, then what? How about running smarter?

  1. Specific tasks for specific days. Friday is a perfect day to hit the bank, the dry cleaner, and the grocery store. You can deposit anything that has to be deposited in person and take care of some quick personal items as well. Monday is a great day to take your stuff to the post office. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? One of them must be just right for some recurring task.
  2. Specific tasks for specific times of day. Mornings are a great time for returning phone calls. Why? Very often the return call will lead to additional actions that must be taken. Getting the call out of the way leaves you with the information you need to plan the rest of your day. Same thing with emails that are about a project or something that you must complete. Think about the things you do each day and lump them. Then tackle the lump at a time of day when you’re ready for that bunch of tasks. (more…)