Business Workshops Anyone?

Savvy Business Owner is offering a series of business workshops in the DC metro area. We’re also offering business workshops online. If you’re interested in learning more about locations in the DC metro area or the online workshops, please click the button!

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Business Plan in a Day

BusinessPlaninaDayCan you really write a business plan in a day? I suppose so. (Than again, why would you do that to yourself?) Whether you’re scrambling to produce a plan pronto or taking a more measured approach, the bottom line is that Business Plan in a Day: Get It Done Right, Get It Done Fast serves as an excellent guide.

Rhonda Abrams uses straightforward language to explain the purpose of each section of the plan. There are a number of prompts to start your thinking in the right direction. The book helps you to gain an overview of the planning process and the way the different parts of the plan interrelate. As you work through the steps, you’ll also gain the vocabulary you need to make use of any other materials you may have at your disposal.


MWBC/LaunchNetwork Business Plan Workshop

PlanAPlanB_mI had the opportunity to present information on writing a business plan to a very interesting group of entrepreneurs. The concepts for their businesses ranged from personal services to projects with a global reach. They were attentive and had plenty of good questions. I’ll be creating a group for the participants who’d like to stay in touch for future brainstorming.

This workshop had a mix of participants from the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC) and LaunchNetwork. MWBC, located at 95 Monroe Street in Rockville, offers a range of consulting services, workshops, and an annual business plan competition to entrepreneurs in MD, DC, and VA. LaunchNetwork, located in DC, provides networking opportunities and resources for professional women. Their first annual business plan competition is underway.

I’ll be presenting the QuickBooks Online workshop and MWBC on Thursday, August 22nd from 9:30-12:30pm.

Hope to see you there!


Your Business Plan

adjWorkDesk_mPlanning is an essential part of an entrepreneur’s life. Your business plan serves as a guide going forward. The best plans are not rigid documents cast in stone. The best plans have some flexibility built in. After all, how often does anything run 100% according to plan?

That’s not to say a business plan is made up of a bunch of guesses and wishes. To be worth the time and effort devoted to researching and writing the business plan, it must be based upon solid facts and figures. It must also be prepared with your full involvement because you are the one with the vision. You are the one who is the most invested in the success of this venture.


Going For It: Start-Up

Startup_mSo you’ve decided to launch a start-up. You just can’t ignore that idea that’s been buzzing in the back of your head for one second more. You catch yourself thinking about it. You awaken in the morning, not quite sure what you were dreaming but pretty sure it had something to do with the new vision you’d like to start.

Your idea might be for an after school program for elementary school kids. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do interior design and you’ve realized your niche – the space you’re sure you can fill better than anyone else. Maybe you’re envisioning a childcare center that will turn the competition on its ear, or a service-based business that will ease the dinner-time crunch for busy parents.


Maryland Women’s Business Center

adjMWBC_164x91I’ve recently been invited to do pro bono business counseling and training at the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC). I’m excited to work with women who are starting out as entrepreneurs. Of course, the advice and training is open to men. And, the services are available to those who reside in Virginia, too. But for me the best part is to work with people who are involved in creating something new.


Monday Musings: Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

adjPink Mug_lI know. It seems like a lot of work for nothing. You’ll spend hours perfecting it – then stick it in a drawer. Right? Wrong.

A well-written business plan is a road map for your company. It spells out what you plan to offer, who you plan to beat to the sale, how you plan to do those things, and what you expect to happen along the way. The bulk of the input comes from you – the business owner. When it’s done, the last place the business plan should be is in a drawer.