Reminders When I Can Use Them

WorkLife_mIf you’re anything like me, you pretty much run all day. It’s gotten to where it actually works – or was almost working except for one thing. Reminders first thing in the morning drove me nuts because I had to hit snooze until I had time to get to them. Reminders set for a specific time might or might not catch me where I could do anything about them. And reminders set for one day only – who are we kidding?  (more…)

Business Workshops Anyone?

Savvy Business Owner is offering a series of business workshops in the DC metro area. We’re also offering business workshops online. If you’re interested in learning more about locations in the DC metro area or the online workshops, please click the button!

PS We LOATHE spam and an overflowing inbox so we won’t overdo it – promise!

Interpreting Financial Statements

Banking_mIt’s likely you have financial statements you never use. You may have them because your accountant requested them, a lender required them, or they were produced as part of your business plan. More likely, they are generated automatically by QuickBooks. You know these reports contain valuable information, but you’re not sure you’re making the best use of them. You can tell if you made or lost money. You can tell if you did better this month than last – or at least you think you can. Bottom Line? You’re not all that confident you know what the numbers mean.


Working from Home – With Kids

WorkLife_mIt never sounds like it will be easy, but working from home with kids is something that many of us do on at least an occasional basis. Here are five tips to help it all go smoothly enough for you to get some work done:

  1. Be accessible – Have a desk or table in the room where you work. Put some art supplies on the table and let the kids know that anyone who wants to join you quietly is welcome to do so.
  2. Be firm – This is not the time to cajole. You have work to do. Make it clear that this is the priority and your kids are part of the team that’s going to make it happen. Remind them that you will check on them from time to time but don’t want to be interrupted unless there’s blood or vomit involved.  (more…)

HBR: Women in the Workplace

HBRThe Harvard Business Review has been a respected source of the latest thinking in management and business practices since its inception in 1922. The September 2013 issue featured a Spotlight on Women in Leadership. This spotlight included articles entitled, “Women Rising: The Unseen Barriers,” “Great Leaders Who Make the Mix Work,” “How Women Decide,” and “Women in the Workplace: A Research Roundup.”  (more…)

Choosing a WordPress Theme

WebDesign_mA WordPress theme provides you with the tools you need to create a coordinated site. People use themes because they simplify blog and Web site setup immensely. WordPress has a number of free and premium themes available. Narrowing the list seems daunting until you get a handle on the parts that matter: versus

Most of us come to our first WordPress blog via This is a perfect blogging platform that also allows you to create pages to form a Web site. The focus of is on blogging. The fact that it can be used to create a Web site should never be confused with the idea that it will be simple, efficient, or pleasurable to create a Web site on If you are a programmer or have experience with HTML and/or CSS – or you have vast amounts of free time and the patience of a platoon of saints – can certainly be used to host your blog and your Web site – for free.  (more…)

Monday Musings: Routines

adjPink Mug_lMonday mornings. They either herald the start of an eagerly anticipated new week or usher in more of the same. I’m not big on drudgery and routine, so I try to mix things up a bit. One week I may focus on marketing. The next it may be outlining a series of posts or articles I plan to write. I don’t see why each and every week has to be a replay of each and every other week. In fact, the thought of a lifetime of repeating weeks is sort of sad.


Friday Recap: Work-Life Balance


August in the Metro DC area is not a pleasant thing. In fact, Richmond is at a higher elevation and less muggy — and they’re more than 100 miles south of us! Still – you can easily get a table at nearly any restaurant. You can get close enough to see the exhibits at the Smithsonian museums and galleries. (Maybe even get up close to the tanks at the National Aquarium.) And – you have the National Zoo and most ballparks pretty much to yourself. Couple that with the fact that nearly anyone you need to speak with is out of town – likely including any employees or subs you may have – and you have the perfect time for a work-life balance that tilts more toward life!


Business Plan in a Day

BusinessPlaninaDayCan you really write a business plan in a day? I suppose so. (Than again, why would you do that to yourself?) Whether you’re scrambling to produce a plan pronto or taking a more measured approach, the bottom line is that Business Plan in a Day: Get It Done Right, Get It Done Fast serves as an excellent guide.

Rhonda Abrams uses straightforward language to explain the purpose of each section of the plan. There are a number of prompts to start your thinking in the right direction. The book helps you to gain an overview of the planning process and the way the different parts of the plan interrelate. As you work through the steps, you’ll also gain the vocabulary you need to make use of any other materials you may have at your disposal.


MWBC/LaunchNetwork Business Plan Workshop

PlanAPlanB_mI had the opportunity to present information on writing a business plan to a very interesting group of entrepreneurs. The concepts for their businesses ranged from personal services to projects with a global reach. They were attentive and had plenty of good questions. I’ll be creating a group for the participants who’d like to stay in touch for future brainstorming.

This workshop had a mix of participants from the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC) and LaunchNetwork. MWBC, located at 95 Monroe Street in Rockville, offers a range of consulting services, workshops, and an annual business plan competition to entrepreneurs in MD, DC, and VA. LaunchNetwork, located in DC, provides networking opportunities and resources for professional women. Their first annual business plan competition is underway.

I’ll be presenting the QuickBooks Online workshop and MWBC on Thursday, August 22nd from 9:30-12:30pm.

Hope to see you there!