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At Savvy Business Owner, we know what it takes to bring a vision to reality. We know the work involved in launching a business and seeing it through the first critical years. We know the planning and attention to detail required to get it right - from the start!
Use our experience to start and grow your business!

Small Business Writi

We've guided the launch and growth of small businesses for more than twenty years. We've worked with clients ranging from non-profits to childcare centers to design firms and light manufacturing.


Business Plans

A business plan is a document that spells out your strategy and expectations for your business. When done well, it's a reliable roadmap for the first crucial years.


White Papers

White Papers


WordPress Blogs & Sites

WordPress Blogs, WordPress sites, Twitter, LinkedIn ... We'll help you get them all up and running. We'll also show you how to stake and keep your place in cyberspace.


Business Workshops Anyone?

Savvy Business Owner is offering a series of business workshops in the DC metro area. We’re also offering business workshops online. If you’re interested in learning more about locations in the DC metro area or the online workshops, please click the button!

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Track the Money Flowing In and Out of Your Business

adjFinancials_mThe ability to track money flowing in and out of your business is one of the most important parts of being a success. If you don’t know how much – or how quickly – money is leaving your business, you’re at serious risk of landing in a situation where there are no funds on hand when you need them to take advantage of an opportunity or pay what is due to a vendor. If you don’t know how much – or from what source – money is coming into your business, you may be in the happy position of having plenty of cash on hand, without a clear idea of which clients owe money and how long it has been due to you. (more…)

Your Business Plan

adjWorkDesk_mPlanning is an essential part of an entrepreneur’s life. Your business plan serves as a guide going forward. The best plans are not rigid documents cast in stone. The best plans have some flexibility built in. After all, how often does anything run 100% according to plan?

That’s not to say a business plan is made up of a bunch of guesses and wishes. To be worth the time and effort devoted to researching and writing the business plan, it must be based upon solid facts and figures. It must also be prepared with your full involvement because you are the one with the vision. You are the one who is the most invested in the success of this venture.


Going For It: Start-Up

Startup_mSo you’ve decided to launch a start-up. You just can’t ignore that idea that’s been buzzing in the back of your head for one second more. You catch yourself thinking about it. You awaken in the morning, not quite sure what you were dreaming but pretty sure it had something to do with the new vision you’d like to start.

Your idea might be for an after school program for elementary school kids. Maybe you’ve always wanted to do interior design and you’ve realized your niche – the space you’re sure you can fill better than anyone else. Maybe you’re envisioning a childcare center that will turn the competition on its ear, or a service-based business that will ease the dinner-time crunch for busy parents.



WebDesign_mWordPress is an amazingly versatile tool. You can use it to create a blog. You can use it to create a website. In fact, you can use it to create a website with a blog. Planning ahead can save you hours of time later down the road. What does that mean? Taking the time to select a domain you will be happy to live with, a theme that is flexible enough to meet your needs, and a platform that can grow with you are all things you can do today to ensure you’ll have what you need in place tomorrow.


Social Media Presence

iconCurve_mYour social media presence in essential. It’s you – online. In many cases it will be even more important than your physical location. Even potential clients and customers who visit you at your physical place of business are likely to get to know more about you through social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. The more uniform your message, the better your chances of success.


Maryland Women’s Business Center

adjMWBC_164x91I’ve recently been invited to do pro bono business counseling and training at the Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC). I’m excited to work with women who are starting out as entrepreneurs. Of course, the advice and training is open to men. And, the services are available to those who reside in Virginia, too. But for me the best part is to work with people who are involved in creating something new.


Wednesday Wisdom: Work/Life Balance for Your Employees

Helping your employees achieve a work/life balance is not easy. Whether it’s their kids, their aging parents, their pet, or the hobby that keeps them sane, each of your employees has something they want to spend time on outside of work. When your employees feel that attaining balance in their life is part of a Zero-Sum game – one in which someone else has to lose for them to win, it can reduce even the mildest of people to a frenzied state. Before you know it, otherwise convivial workers are sniping about the fact that this one has three kids while this one has none. This one has a 90-year old father in a nursing home two states away while this one has an aging parent living in their home.